Security Services


EverestFM's leading speciality lies in manned guarding services with a variety of services available to suit any level of security requirements.


Our experience ranges from guarding corporate sites, construction sites, Local Government properties and CCTV control centres. These services are categorized into manned guards, mobile patrols, CCTV & Alarm Monitoring, CCTV & Alarm Installation to create total security solutions designed with each client's specific requirements in mind.


Manned Guarding


Highly experienced on-site security guards to protect against intrusion, disorder or vandalism; our guards are highly trained offering a diverse range of security skills, customer service awareness and often multi-lingual abilities. With services and experience ranging from corporate level personal protection and retail centres through to construction site and reception security we offer manned guarding in three different bands;


Band 1: Corporate, financial, door supervision and high risk security

Band 2: Retail, leisure and general security services

Band 3: Construction site





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Mobile Patrol


A low cost alternative to permanent on-site guards our mobile patrols make regular visits to client premises outside of regular hours to protect against intrusion and vandalism. The mobile nature means that one patrol can cover several sites simultaneously and respond quickly to any alarm or emergency calls.


Surveillance Monitoring


 In conjunction with a Everest installed CCTV system we can provide 24 hour remote monitoring from our HI-TEC Control Room, staying in contact with and assisting in-situ or mobile patrols, we can receive, record and send a wide variety of data assisting real time security. A technology-led security is the perfect accompaniment to manned guarding to create totally secure properties. We embrace it as a powerful tool creating truly complete security coverage. From high technology imaging and CCTV to remote Internet monitoring and integrated access control systems EverestFM provide the very latest in security systems installations.


CCTV installations


Our experienced, discreet and professional engineers install the very latest systems from everyday CCTV cameras to infra-red night vision; we can also set up an in-house monitoring system or provide 24 hour CCTV surveillance monitoring from our own security control room.