Corporate responsibilities


EverestFM is committed to the adoption of corporate responsibilities, together with the regular review of both its ongoing performance and also the inherent scope for further improvements.  The Company aims, through continuous staff awareness, to create and maintain the highest levels of corporate responsibility.


We are aware that every aspect of our business has some form of impact, either in a positive or negative manner and therefore it is our responsibility to minimise the negative impact.


We achieve this through strict and detailed procedures and practises thus ensuring that all processes from tendering, quotations and invoicing are completed in an effective and productive manner. We in addition conduct internal audits as well as have external audits to ensure than our standards are maintained continuously.


Everest is a CIS Approved Contractor and as such we are subject to external audits in respect of our security operations and our internal administrative procedures including screening and vetting of our staff.


We have strict procedures on discipline and codes of practise, formulated for our staff that applies to all aspects of our business including treatment of fellow workers and customers alike.


Although generally the provision of security has a low impact on the environment, Everest wherever possible includes the use of public transport instead of using company vehicles where only single staff members are travelling. Our current fleet strategy is the use of smaller engine vehicles for more efficient fuel economy.


Everest already shred all used paper for recycling and wherever possible use recycled paper and card within our marketing and promotional material.


We place great importance on ensuring that we have direct control, our suppliers are ethically sourced and request our suppliers to do the same.


Everest place great emphasis on corporate responsibility and therefore we encourage our employees to take corporate responsibility into account within their day to day activities.  In addition to this we wherever possible sponsor charitable work in the local community.


EverestFM will continue to strive in maintaining our position as a good service provider, employer and neighbour within the community.





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